The enterprise made its debuts under the franchise Decker Boy. In 1979, Médard and Marie-Jeanne Noël decided to take a plunge in the catering business. Quite a challenge considering that neither Médard nor Marie-Jeanne had any experience in the catering or fast food industry! Their first assignment, not an easy one, was to restore the customers' trust but after one year only, they had accomplished this first assignment and were ready to open their second restaurant in Tracadie-Shëila.

In 1984, the franchise stopped all activity so Médard and Marie-Jeanne decided to trade the name Decker Boy for the name Au P’tit Mousse. Then 11 years later, considering that the restaurant was not big enough to accommodate properly their growing clientele and the building was in need of major reparations, Mr and Mrs Noël decided to have a new restaurant built, more spacious and modern.

They even added a reception room able to accommodate up to 90 people. That proved to be a good innovation since the room is booked year round for special occasions such as Christmas parties, graduations, anniversaries, buffets, meetings, etc. Finally, in spite of the wind or the tide, our two captains, Mr and Mrs Noël, managed to firmly anchor their enterprise Au P’tit Mousse both on Lamèque Island and Tracadie-Sheïla.

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